WhatsApp Ghost VS WhatsApp Spy: Use WhatsApp in Stealth!

WhatsApp Ghost VS WhatsApp Spy: Use WhatsApp in Stealth!

Are you a WhatsApp user trying to find the solution for this? Do you want to get into WhatsApp and check statuses without being online? So here we are with two cute apps for your purpose. We are going to show you both and make a short review to tell which one’s best.

WhatsApp in Stealth mode: Which one’s the best??

For this we here have two apps from Google Play (so you now know we are focusing on Android). They are WhatsApp Ghost and WhatsApp Spy. Both these apps are small in size but the WhatsApp Ghost (57KB) is very tiny while comparing WhatsApp Spy (2.2MB). Both apps does the thing in their own ways. We’ll tell more about this soon. Both the two apps does the job perfectly, but we like and recommend the one that we’ll reveal at the end.

Whatsapp Ghost:

WhatsApp Ghost inside   WhatsApp Ghost app

So lets get inside. Let me start with the WhatsApp Ghost. This app is designed to start and run on back after launching the original WhatsApp app which means you work on the real WhatsApp without being online. So after you launch WhatsApp Ghost app, it starts and goes back like a ghost and launches the WhatsApp. Then you can see your chats, previous messages and your contacts there. You can reply your friend and do it all when no one sees you there. So this is about this app.

WhatsApp Spy:

Whatsspy app   Whatsspy app config   Whatsspy app ADS

Whatsapp Spy is more detailed and featured app when comparing the other. It has few tabs like Contacts, Recent, More and Config. Wait. The main think I hate here is the ads! Ads kills this app. Even when you open the app for first time, they pop up and asks you to accept an agreement. If you agree that, the app adds a page as your browser’s homepage and adds a search widget! However, you can decline that to use the app. You have to select a contact from Contact tab and you can view their chat. Then there is a Config tab where you can make some small changes to the app.

So we are deciding the winner now. After trying both apps, I am going to tell you that the WhatsApp Ghost is the best one. So the WhatsApp Ghost is the winner. Because its light and very simple and easy to use. We also chose this as the competitor, WhatsApp Spy has few flaws. Ads are the most irritating things of that app (we shown one in the image too). Then this app takes more time and things to do while comparing the  WhatsApp Ghost. So we don’t like that much. And there are lot of complaints on the WhatsApp Ghost app page regarding its ‘Data turn offs’. They say that this app turns off your data while turning on the Ghost mode (after which you get into stealth mode) and so they can’t use the app. Because of this, the app had got a lot of negative reviews. This is a big misunderstanding in fact. You can get it if you read the app description. The app after launching always toggles the ‘Enable data’ option assuming that you are having the phone with data turned off. So you have to launch the app without turning the data on. That’s it. And that’s the only problem we noted with the WhatsApp Ghost. So clearly, it wins.

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