Tips To Speed Up Your Android Device

Tips To Speed Up Your Android Device

Android is now and always the most used Operating system on smartphones and we all know the advantage of it. We have Android on a high-end super phones to a low-end budget phones. Speed is the issue when you go with few Androids with less firepower. Every smartphone running Android slows down with time as we use it. We need to maintain its smoothness and functionality and that’s what I am going to write here.

Need to speed up your Android?

Do you really need to fine-tune your smartphone? Is your phone load apps very slowly making you go crazy? There are several things that makes your Android device get slow. So here we list those factors and things you need to do to minimize the slow downs of your device.

Unused & Unwanted Apps:

Remove: Your Android may run many unwanted background processes without your knowledge. This is because those apps with permission to run on background are installed on your device. So now ask yourself, Do you really need it? Be very clear. Have the apps that you really need. Don’t have the apps that you don’t even open installed on your devices. These apps eat up both your memory and RAM. For me, this is most important as the more apps your phone run/have, the more slower it runs.

Kill: You just removed all the unwanted useless apps. Still now your device runs apps in background. They may be the ones that you use but not right now. So you know what to do. You kill those apps either through your inbuilt task manager (by holding home key) or by using any third party task killers. This is okay and yes it is effective. If you use task killer, use only one. Its waste of both memories if you use multiple task killers or memory optimizers. Some of those apps that I recommend are: Advance Mobile Care, Clean Master.

Update your Software:

Software update always helps. Get every update that you can. Get the latest Android if its available, get the latest firmware from your manufacturer and also update every third party apps that you have on your device. A single update may come out with the required bug fix or anything that can reduce the lag. So updating will ensure the best possible performance of your device.

Root your Android:

Rooting can give you all the abilities with which you can completely change your device’s performance and looks. Rooting nulls your warranty and it is also risky as you may brick your phone while trying to root. But if you do it right, you get the ultimate from your phone. You can unroot your device anytime to restore the warranty. Here are the things that you can do after rooting to increase the performance of the device.

  • Install Custom ROMs: So you can install unofficial custom ROMs for your model which may come with serious improvements over the official one. This is risky too as there are always unstable ROMs with lot of bugs out there. So you have to be careful while choosing your ROMs. Reading the user comments before flashing may help.
  • Overclock!: Well, you can overclock your CPU with root access. This will eat up more battery but get you the most out of your processor, speeding you your device.
  • Remove pre-installed apps: You can remove any pre-installed applications that are found on the device. Be cautious while doing so. Don’t touch apps like Phone and Notification bar.

Useful apps to install:

While you have to have only really useful apps on your device, there are some kinds of apps that you need to speed up your Android. I don’t name those apps, I’ll only tell you the kind.

  • Antivirus: This scans your device for any malwares that could cause the slow down. So install a good Antivirus app and update it when available.
  • Task Killer: Like I said before, install a task killer that is really functioning. Prefer auto-task killer which kills the apps and frees up RAM every few minutes.
  • Cleaners: There are many memory cleaners that frees up the space. Use the cleaners that cleans everything: Cache, junk files and even RAM and then you can replace your Task Killer with this app!

Tune the system:

Set the device to run smooth and cool. Avoid beautiful screensavers and live wallpapers which can slow down the device. Set the transition animation speeds of the device faster. Move all apps to the SD card if possible and always have a good amount of internal space. Move everything (like images, music, downloads, videos) to the SD card. This really helps. Lastly if you are experiencing high lag that you can’t bear, backup & reset your phone. This definitely speeds up your device but its just a temporary solution.

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