10 Best Barcode Label Software

Barcode label softwares allows you to create common barcode for the company’s products, labels, shipping and other various needs. If your company needs hundreds of barcode on a daily basis, you can read the detailed review below.

Many small business companies create barcodes in Windows-based applications (Microsoft Word, Excel etc.) for their products or packaging.

If you are looking for a barcode label software or product that offers you some extra features along with a smooth user interface and let you create or design barcode and also print directly from the software without any extra effort then you should read the following quick review.

Top 10 Best Barcode Label Software :

1. Barcode Label Maker

Barcode Label Maker is very easy to use. It comes with various features and you can use it for products, packaging, shipping etc. The product has won various awards for its usability.

The most important feature of this software is that you can include any information on your barcode labels, along with shipping details, address details, product descriptions also logos or images with no extra efforts.

You can also alter the size of your choice or import data from other Microsoft supported documents such as Word, Excel, Access etc.

Overall it is a quality barcode label software. It comes with a smooth and a decent design interface. It also includes a useful guide to help you use the software.

I personally recommend this product to all the users who are interested in Barcode label software.

2. Labeljoy

Labeljoy is a creator of top quality barcode label software. It comes with clean user interface with a simple toolbar. It allows you to create common barcode labels within a few minutes or it also allows you to create compliance barcode labels by using its advanced features and settings.

You can import data from 3rd party softwares like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, MySql, Oracle etc. to create customized barcode labels for your business, products or for anything you want.

Labeljoy provide simple and easy set of tools along with modern user interface to design barcode labels. Labeljoy is compatible with all latest printers and very versatile software.

You not only can design 1D or 2D barcode labels but also lock or unlock barcode labels to avoid modification in future. Isn’t a cool feature?

Labeljoy offers high quality video tutorials and 24×7 email support to their customers.

3. Label Right Ultimate

LabelRight from Worth Data Software is an award-winning product for printing barcode labels. You can rapidly create custom barcode labels and print labels with just a few clicks of your mouse.

From basic barcode labels to complex design, LabelRight print faster than any other product in the market today.

LabelRight is the best product in the market today. The price is affordable and worth every penny. It is compatible with all latest Windows-based operating system.

LabelRight can print your barcode labels very fast. It also provides all the set of tools and settings that required to print bar code labels.

It comes with dozens of sample label design and custom BarFontTM tool for exporting bar code fonts into other 3rd party software like Microsoft Word.

Customer support is provided by email and phone. You will find everything in the single user license.

4. Connect Code

If you are looking to print high quality barcode labels for your business products then Connect Code can do the job perfectly.

They provide a complete range of barcode fonts pack. It will help you to print all your barcode labels for your products, packaging and shipping easily.

ConnectCode can be used with other Windows text editor such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access etc.

It can create hundreds of thousands barcode label design for your products, shipping etc. This barcode label software offers 27 barcode types and dozens of fonts. You can easily export your barcode design to Microsoft Word by a simple copy-paste function.

It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac based operating system. Not only this, you can also create 2D barcodes and QR codes in few minutes. It’s very simple and easy to use.

ConnectCode doesn’t allow you to import images and you can’t change the barcode color and background color as well.

You do not need to spend huge amount of time to use this software. They also provide excellent customer support with full satisfaction.

5. B-Coder

B-Coder creates barcode labels in all popular graphics formats such as JPEG, GIF, EPS, WMF, Metafile and more. Barcodes can be imported into common Windows or Mac based applications.

B-Coder takes fractions of seconds to create beautiful barcode labels. It is very fast and easy to use. However it lacks some advanced features compare to Barcode Label Maker or LabelJoy. It comes with smooth and clean user interface.

You can easily create 1D or 2D barcode labels for your products. To create a basic barcode, you choose a symbology from the menu, type a barcode data, and press the F2 key right on your keyboard.

It doesn’t come with WYSIWYG design and support only English language.

B-Coder provides great customer support via phone and email. They also offer an online guide on their website and video training and tutorials.

B-Coder can fulfill all your basic barcode requirements along with support, but some tools and settings are missing and also price is very high in compare to other software.

B-Coder has two version Light and Pro.

6. BulletProof Label Magic

BulletProof Label Magic is another barcode label software that helps you to create barcode labels on retail products, commercial shipping just like others. It allows you to print your barcodes on Windows-compatible printers.

It also allows you to copy your barcode and import to Microsoft Word for further alteration. It offers a clean user interface with no WYSIWYG option. You need to copy your barcode to Microsoft Office Suite to edit in WYSIWYG mode.

You can resize label size and other modifications by clicking on the edit menu. You can also include different shapes like circle, triangles or square according to its dimensions. LabelMagic give you a wide range of tools and setting, but it doesn’t help you generate color barcodes.

LabelMagic comes with a useful help manual to guide you with all the features. It is not an advanced software but still it can help you to create basic barcode software for your business.

7. BulletProof Barcode Magic

Barcode MagicBarcode Magic is another very basic barcode label software from BP Software to create barcodes for products in Windows based applications. The software has a smooth and modern user interface. You can print barcode labels with all Windows based printers.

It allows you to import data from 3rd parties softwares like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access etc. It also allows you to generate barcodes in WYSIWYG design.

The Barcode Magic barcode label software lets you resize your barcode labels up to 10x. I am a big fan of it’s rotate feature which allows you to rotate your barcodes to 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees.

Barcode Magic’s lack of image library, you cannot change barcode color or background color and you cannot add any shapes.

It comes with dozens of fonts with a size of 8 points. The company provides a nice FAQ guide on how to use its features. They offer email support only.

If you are looking for a decent and simple barcode label software then you can try Barcode Magic.

8. Bars & Stripes

Bars & StripesIf you are looking for a barcode label software with simple features with no advanced functions then have a look on Bars & Stripes product. Moreover you can use Windows based application such as Microsoft Word to create barcodes labels.

It’s very easy to install and simple to use. Basically Bars & Stripes installs into Microsoft Word and works within that application. The user interface is very clean and fun to use. You can change background color, alter orientation and adjust the width.

There is no risk to use it and you can download the trial version free of cost. Just try it prior you buy it. They provide good customer support via email. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word then Bars & Stripes can help you generate your barcode labels.

9. UPCTools

Azalea Softwar’s UPCTools is an another good barcode label software comes with 10 cool fonts and can create 6 types of barcode symbologies.

The user interface is tiny and simple to use. You can paste your barcodes into 3rd party applications. However, you can also directly print within the software. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac based operating systems.

UPCTools offers a feature to change your font size from 60 to 145pt. You can also modify the width of a barcode. The software doesn’t provide advanced tools or many design tools. The product comes with a PDF manual to help how to use its features and functions. You can browse their video tutorials online or directly contact via email or telephone. Both are available.

Overall the software is simple, small and easy to use. It gives you the ability to generate basic barcode labels within a Windows based application. The software is backed by many positive customer reviews.

10. Barcode Printer Wizard

Barcode Printer Wizard The last but not the least product I am going to review here is Barcode Printer Wizard. It helps you create your own barcode labels. You not only can export your barcode into Microsoft Word but also scan for a set of lines and print the output as a barcode.

Generally you can generate basic barcode labels for your business needs. This product works with many modern barcode scanners and printers. With a small user interface it also comes with great features too.

You can easily adjust the size and height of the barcode within the application window. The software is compatible with all modern printers and prints barcodes within seconds. They give good phone and email support to their customers. This software is perfect for those who need to create basic barcode labels on a daily or weekly basis.

This is the cheapest Software in my list but that doesn’t mean it has less features in compare to above software. For me, why spend more when I can get my required feature in less price.

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