MakeWebVideo – Create Professional Explainer Videos

MakeWebVideo – Create Professional Explainer Videos

Everyone knows about Videos today. In fact everyone watches a lot of videos in everyday life!  These days, videos are not only for entertainment purposes but used a lot in Business and Industry also. Now, you will see any business website or service website use a lot of videos to increase customer engagement and to help customers learn their business quickly!

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Whenever I browse through a growing startup these days, I always get to see a video explaining their service or product. This is a marketing strategy everyone is using nowadays as It is working well to those trying it giving them good results!

If you are also running an online business/blog/startup, using rich professional videos would be a million dollars’ worth to you also.

How to create Professional videos for your business?

There are many ways you can create these types of videos.
1. Create one in Adobe After Effects (a lot of technical knowledge and hours of work needed).
2. Hire a professional to make a 4 minute video for $1000.
3. Use MakeWebVideo!

What is MakeWebVideo?

MakeWebVideo is an online video making service which allows you to create professional videos for your business,website or product. It offers all the features needed in order to create stunning videos easily. Despite of it being super affordable, you will never have to compromise on the final quality of the produced video. It will all the time awesome which you will like at first sight and will happily use it on your business!


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They have a large number of templates readily available for you to edit them according to your and your Business’ needs! Their basic templates start from $29 so everyone from a Blogger to a Startup owner can afford their service according to their use and according to the type of templates needed.

Why choose MakeWebVideo ?

It is a common question everyone will ask after hearing about any new company. Well, I will give you real genuine rock solid reasons for this

  • Easy – Creating videos with them is super easy and anyone can do it.
  • Fast – Their Video maker is fast and can finish the work under 30 minutes.
  • Affordable – Their video templates start for as low as $29 so everyone can afford it.
  • Free Video Hosting – You get free video hosting to host your finished projects with them.
  • Support for HTML5 – The exported videos are HTML5 supported.
  • Full HD Videos – You can export your video in Full HD.
  • Money back guarantee – If you don’t like their service, get your refund anytime.
  • Adobe After Effects Templates – The templates are made with Adobe After Effects so It is made on an already known format.
  • FREE PREVIEW VIDEO – It’s absolutely free to create a Preview video.

Services offer! by MakeWebVideo :

  • Business Video Production
  • Promotional Videos
  • Web Video Production
  • Explainer Video Production
  • Sales Video Production
  • Video Maker
  • Animated Business Videos
  • Marketing Video Production
  • Mobile App Marketing Videos

How to create Videos with MakeWebVideo ?

  1. Go to MakeWebVideo homepage.
  2. Click on ‘Get Started’.
  3. Choose your Template.
  4. Click on ‘Try for Free’.
  5. Login or Register.
  6. Edit your Video.
  7. Produce it.
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